Web Performance & Optimization

2013-03-16 00:00:00 2013-03-17 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Performance & Optimization Next up in FITC’s Spotlight event series, we bring you a day dedicated to Web Performance & Optimization. We’ve lined-up six top developers to go through the key things you need to know to to optimize a user’s viewing experience. A part of the Spotlight… Toronto FITC Toronto



How can you make your application feel blazingly fast even when you have scaling problems? What can you do to make your application seem almost freakishly responsive?
We’re taught from an early age that cheating is no way to get ahead in life, that cheaters never win, that if you play an honest game you’ll come out ahead. How well does that work in applications where the performance of your application will always be subjected to the critical eye of your users who, no matter how hard you try, always seem to have a reason to complain that it’s too slow? Just how honest are the big players, anyway? You might be surprised how much effort they spend deliberately trying to deceive you.

This talk will cover a number of common situations and present some surprising opportunities to improve performance to what should be impossible levels. Examples will highlight problems throughout your stack, from back-end database contention through to the subtleties of user interface. Like a good magic trick, it’s not really cheating if you never get caught.