Web Unleashed 2019

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Examining our responsibility as creators to design for disconnection.

The “restore connection” alert isn’t just for devices– it applies to people too. And it’s more important now than ever before.

Digital creators, we need to talk. The rise in mental health as a result of situational stress is a prevailing theme in today’s society, and some of the products we’re building are the root cause. But we have the power to change this. As creators of digital products, how might we enable our users to be more present in their lives? How might we invest in features like Instagram’s activity timer, despite the fact that they’re fundamentally counterintuitive to the usage metrics most behemoth tech companies are driving towards?

We have a responsibility as creators of digital products to enable others to disconnect …and re-connect with themselves, physically and mentally. This intersection is an emerging category Andrea likes to call digital health, and it’s something we can create together.


To share actionable strategies, principles and considerations for designing with digital health top of mind. Andrea will get into some #realtalk about how we can collectively create more balance and presence for the humans using our products.

Target Audience

Designers and digital creators of all kinds – especially those building digital products at scale!


Open to audience members of any skill level (this is a more high-level talk)

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Tips and best-in-class examples of designing for digital health
  2. Design guidelines and principles for designing with digital health in mind
  3. Evidence-based practices to ground your future design decisions
  4. Strategies for re-framing the success metrics of digital products
  5. Design ethics resources