Ideas In Motion 2018

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Motion design isn’t just After Effects animation – and it certainly isn’t just animating supers on commercials anymore. The medium has evolved into what Erin lovingly calls “mixed media” – everything from 2d animation to cel, 3d, VFX, compositing, colour correction, design-driven editorial… and yes, even live action production. In her presentation, Erin will share a variety of work, driven by concept and executed with passion. The projects range from big Marvel Studios main-on-end sequences to comedy-driven main titles… and from traditional commercials to short social media pieces. She will even break down a project from pitch to delivery, sharing its key milestones and some of the decision-making process. The common thread to Sarofsky’s work is that it is design-driven; that guiding principal will guide the discussion.


  1. To give attendees a broad overview of the skills and tools necessary to be a top-notch motion designer, from basic working tips, to how concept plays a role in fuelling design.
  2. To share fun, inside stories from behind-the-scenes that make or break projects.

Target Audience

  • Motion designers at all levels: People looking to be inspired
  • Designers and creative thinkers who are interested in production, but aren’t sure where to begin
  • Anyone looking to become intimately familiar with the production process

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. How general design principles are the foundation of even the most high-profile projects
  2. How concept is also the backbone to a successful job
  3. An overview of all the skillsets involved in motion graphics
  4. The complexities and “gotchas” of design, live action and motion graphics processes
  5. Details of the pitch process all the way through job delivery