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No one is paid just to deal with technical debt in an organization, and few people like doing it. Tech debt comes from a variety of places, and can pile up quickly if a developer is not careful. Tech debt often makes seemingly simple or small tasks take much longer, cost more money, and generally complicate projects and tech stacks needlessly. But if a dev knows what to watch out for, the entire team can spend less time addressing it.

Good documentation, thorough planning ahead of time, clear ownership, relentless testing, and open source solutions are all ways of reducing technical debt. If you want to get ahead of tech debt, these should be a part of your org’s daily routine.


Help identify and reduce technical debt in your organization.

Target Audience

Engineers, IT professionals, developers with 2+ years industry experience.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Best coding practices, version control, open source software, what a tech stack is, experience working on a development team.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. What is technical debt, and how to identify it
  2. Where tech debt coms from
  3. How to minimize tech debt
  4. Best practices to not add tech debt
  5. Best documentation practices