Web Unleashed 2015

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When client’s come to us for development projects, they know they want something, can’t really say what, but definitely need to know how much it’ll cost and how long it’ll take. Things get worse when you add half-baked ideas about software being ‘finished’, and the buzzword free-for-all that is our industry. Overcoming these challenges means knowing how to integrate an agile workflow, sell it to clients and then manage it so the whole thing doesn’t come off the rails and end in tears.

This talk is based on knowledge from working with several agencies and their various flavours of agile, from the tepid to the extreme. It contains nudity, adult themes, mature language and some ideas about how we can start communicating to get better results and happier clients.


Better understand, utilize and communicate agile techniques for client work.


Digital practitioners moving to or using an agile process.


  1. Differences of using agile for client work vs. internal product development
  2. Techniques for estimating an agile project
  3. Selling clients on the uncertainty of agile development
  4. How to avoid fixed scope, fixed cost projects
  5. Some major agile shortcomings and how to compensate