Web Unleashed 2015
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Startups often require employees to take on multiple roles, and one such combination is for an engineer to take on product management functions. In this talk, you will learn what a product engineer role looks like, why you should be a product engineer, and how to become one. I will discuss why product engineers are an invaluable asset to an early-stage startup, and how having product engineers result in better products and happier developers. This talk relates my experience over the last eight years in the trenches of early-stage startups, as a founder, and most recently as a product engineer at Coach.me.


Learn how product engineers can benefit your organization, and how to become a product engineer.

Target Audience

Software engineers who work or want to work at a startup, founders, engineering managers.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. What the product engineer role is
  2. Why this role is essential in a startup
  3. The benefits of having product engineers
  4. How to leverage product engineers in your organization
  5. Key skills to become a product engineer