Web Unleashed 2014

2014-09-17 00:00:00 2014-09-19 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2014 By attending Web Unleashed, you will get up-to-date on the skills to push you ahead in your career. You'll also have the opportunity to network and share ideas with like-minded professionals. Toronto FITC Toronto


D3.js is an incredibly flexible library that can empower you to do amazing things with your data. However, even experienced JavaScript developers can be overwhelmed by its extensive API. It doesn’t need to be intimidating, though.

In this presentation, Kent English will strip away the mystery and show you how to get started by taking a very simple example and iteratively adding on commonly needed features. By the end, you will have the confidence to go forth and start bringing your own data to life.


To show how the basic building blocks of D3.js fit together.

Target Audience

JavaScript Developers who want to create engaging data visualizations.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

JavaScript, in particular familiarity with jQuery-style DOM manipulation

Five things audience members will learn

  1. How to generate a basic chart
  2. How to work with data from an external source (such as a CSV file)
  3. How to annotate a chart (with a legend, for example)
  4. How to harness mouse events
  5. How to get fancy with interactivity and animation