FITC Toronto 2018

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“Film cannot be art, for it does nothing but reproduce reality mechanically.” — Rudolf Arnheim in 1933, opening his book “Film as Art” by quoting criticism from his contemporaries.

By the early-mid 20th century, the artistic merit of film had yet to be fully realized. This mirrors the present state of 360 media and VR filmmaking: we have yet to find artistic equivalents to classical cinematic techniques (framing, montage, transition, zoom, synchresis, etc.) in immersive filmmaking. “Auteurism in 360 Degrees” will unpack methodologies for translating the styles, standards, and practices of 2D filmmaking into 360 media and VR film, all from the perspective of a Facebook Product Designer actively working on 360 media editing and sharing tools.


To be an inspiration session for creators working in the 360 space or filmmakers looking to take the plunge into immersive media.

Target Audience

Filmmakers looking to understand artistic merit and craft in 360 filmmaking.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Courage in the face of 360/VR filmmaking and content creation.
  2. 360’s place in the media expansion continuum (painting > photography > film > 360/VR).
  3. How to be an auteur in 360 degrees.
  4. Methodologies for converting styles, standards, and practices from standard 2D film media into 360 media and VR film.
  5. The debate surrounding 360’s artistic merit and craft echoes critical skepticism faced by the original motion picture.