FITC Toronto 2023 // Online

2023-04-17 00:00:00 2023-04-19 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2023 // Online Join us for a professional celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, digital development, media and innovation in creative technologies. Online FITC EST Online

28 Years Of random()
In 1995, Joshua Davis swapped his art-making practice from paint and canvas to computers and programming. For the past few years, Generative Art has been having its moment in the… Read more…
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
Behind The Scenes With The DDC: And Other Fibs, Lies And Perjuries
Get the inside scoop with Aaron Draplin and learn what goes on behind the scenes at the Draplin Design Company. From sketch to screen to file hand-off, he’ll give an… Read more…
Design Inspire
Aaron James Draplin
Draplin Design Co
Collective Imagination
Generative AI models like Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT are trained on datasets containing billions of images and words. They are capable of rendering realistic and compelling images, sounds, and text.… Read more…
AI Art Foundations
Gene Kogan
Creating Experiences In The Age Of Futurisity
When everything is amazing, nothing is amazing. Daily headlines of self landing rockets, a road map to mars, voice assistance in every appliance, and AI that leaps itself every news… Read more…
Experiential Innovation
Stephen Martell
Fast forward 50 years into the future with multi-sensory artist Emilie Baltz as she takes us through the design and development of a Spa for the Senses at the Museum… Read more…
Emilie Baltz
Emilie Baltz
Finding Yourself, Over And Over Again
Jessica Hische is a lettering artist, author, illustrator, letterpress printer, type designer, mother, procrastiworker, and a million other things. In this practical antidote to a “quit your job and do… Read more…
Design Failure Inspire
Jessica Hische
Help For Humans
We are on the cusp of a #RealTimeInternet one where computing experiences don’t exist until we invoke them, at which point they will be generated by AI. Not just images… Read more…
Human AI Robots
Jared Ficklin
How We Created The NBA Pixel Arena: The Future Of Fandom
The NBA and Google partnered with Jam3 & Media.Monks to build an immersive, multiplayer 3D world inside the NBA app designed to engage the next generation of fans. Inside Pixel… Read more…
Amélie Rosser
Manifesto For Myself
A few years back, Brendan Dawes published a series of thoughts about the creative process which he called “Manifesto for Myself” to act as both creative inspiration and interruption. Using… Read more…
Art Creative Code Inspire
Brendan Dawes
Nature, Design, And Creativity In Space
We create within the constrains and contours of our natural environment, but nature doesn’t end at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. As we design new space stations, we mix the… Read more…
Design Experiential Futurism
Sands Fish
New Dimensions: The Doors Of Metaverse
Innovations in display technologies continuously and rapidly evolve, growing larger and wider, immersing us with digital information everywhere from our homes to offices, public spaces and vehicles. We are holding… Read more…
Creativity AR Experiential VR
Can Büyükberber
Please Start Over
If you work in the design field long enough, eventually you’ll be asked to “please start over.” (not always with the “please.”) Sometimes it’s because starting over is inherent to… Read more…
Design Failure Process
Emily Oberman
Standing Out In A Saturated Medium
Motion design isn’t a hot new industry anymore… There are hundreds of companies and thousands of artists doing the same work everyone else does. On one hand, that’s great because… Read more…
Collaboration Design Inspire
Erin Sarofsky
Sarofsky Corp
Where Do I End And Begin When Sunlight Is Under My Skin
Barnaby Steel is taking a close look into the collective’s thought process of creating orchestrated sensory experiences that illuminate the hidden natural forces that surround us, inviting participants to navigate… Read more…
Art Science Storytelling
Barney Steel
Marshmallow Laser Feast