The marketing world is increasingly complex and with that complexity comes increased difficulty in planning digital marketing experiences. A wide range of diverse skills are required to be adept at creating solutions to the wicked problems we face as digital marketers.

This workshop will provide a toolkit of approaches, skills and philosophies based on practical experience that can be used to focus the mind and tackle the planning challenges that Digital Strategists encounter every day.

Topics will include: 

A look at digital strategy:

  • Defining digital strategy
  • The digital strategy process with a focus on insights and recommendations
  • Stepping back and looking at the big picture

Developing the right skills:

  • Coping with ambiguity during planning
  • Thinking on your feet in front of clients and agency partners
  • Decision making based upon limited inputs

Effective research:

  • Indexing research for context and quick retrieval – includes a discussion of tools like Evernote
  • Separating signal from noise in the online environment
  • Communicating research results clearly

Facilitation and collaboration:

  • Working with creative and account teams
  • How to get buy-in and move to the finish line
  • Acting as a catalyst

This session is targeted towards digital or traditional strategists/planners of all levels looking to take their craft to the next level or those looking to transition into the discipline. A familiarity with digital marketing is recommended.

After the session participants will have new confidence for creating digital plans and managing their work process. They will also have a better grasp of what digital strategy is and how to be effective in any situation.

Case studies will be used to demonstrate the concepts where applicable. The session will be highly interactive and participants will be actively engaged with each other throughout the day.