Spotlight UX 2016

2016-09-17 00:00:00 2016-09-18 00:00:00 America/Toronto Spotlight UX 2016 We’re taking a deep dive into UX and hope you’ll join us to learn how you can leverage this discipline in your work. This one-day event is designed for industry professionals and features notable speakers. Attendees can expect to build up their skills with a minimal time commitment… Toronto FITC Toronto



9:00 To 10:00
10:00 To 10:45
Reduce The Unknown And Prototype
The journey of developing and launching new digital products into the wild is a rollercoaster ride of risk and reward. What if risk could be reduced each time you hit an unknown? Prototyping your ideas and testing them on real or potential customers is the best way to reduce that risk. You’ll save time, money and your teams sanity. And… Read more…
Dayton Pereira

Founder, Ready Set Go

10:55 To 11:40
Cross-Platform UX
It seems like a great idea to build our products with functional parity everywhere – after all, consistency is good UX, right? This isn’t always possible or even considerate of our customers’ true needs. How can we create great experiences and still respect the limitations and strengths of the platforms we’re shipping on? Objective A dive into building consistent, coherent… Read more…
Tom Creighton

Design Director, Wealthsimple

11:50 To 12:35
Why Designers and Data Scientists Should be BFFs
Data science, machine learning and analytics are changing the world – and the world of design won’t be immune to this transformation. Big data and tools such as machine learning can provide the types of insights that user researchers and user experience designers have always dreamed of. This data-driven approach allows user experience designers to better target areas for further… Read more…
Ramy Nassar

Managing Partner, 1000 Days Out

12:35 To 2:00
Lunch Break
2:00 To 2:45
Let’s Talk About UX
A fun and engaging chat with UX experts about their career paths and project experiences along the way from the major fails to the hard lessons learned to the legendary successes. We’ve prepared some hard hitting questions for our panelists, so come and hear all about it. PS. Have a burning question about a project or the next step in… Read more…
2:55 To 3:40
Jedi Principles of UI Animation
Over the past years, web and mobile designers started to use animation more and more often not just to delight, but also to tell the story and to drive user experience. UI animation is a combination of the how with the when and why — the proper techniques of applying motion to UI and captivating an audience, combined with the most integral… Read more…
Kit Oliynyk

Senior UX Advisor, Fannie Mae

3:50 To 4:35
Most of us in the digital space think of UX as something that happens inside our screens, but user experience is in every product, service or space we encounter. Why do street signs look the way they do? Why are some parking lots infuriating? Why did it take me 17 minutes to open that package of batteries? Analyzing the world… Read more…
Matt Hryhorsky

Sr. UX Manager, Shopify

4:45 To 5:30
UX as a Team Sport
As a UX designer, you are the de facto champion of the people who use your product — heck, the word “user” is part of your title. And to create the best product experience for your users, you need to get everyone on your team thinking like UX designers too. Because the more people on your team who understand UX principles and… Read more…
Maya Bruck

Senior Product Designer, Etsy