Spotlight UX 2016
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  • Toronto
Cross-Platform UX
It seems like a great idea to build our products with functional parity everywhere – after all, consistency is good UX, right? This isn’t always possible or even considerate of… Read more…
Design Process UX/UI
Tom Creighton
Design Director, Wealthsimple
Jedi Principles of UI Animation
Over the past years, web and mobile designers started to use animation more and more often not just to delight, but also to tell the story and to drive user… Read more…
Animation Motion UX/UI
Kit Oliynyk
Head of Design, Optimo
Let’s Talk About UX
A fun and engaging chat with UX experts about their career paths and project experiences along the way from the major fails to the hard lessons learned to the legendary… Read more…
Panel UX/UI
Theresa Casarin
Director, Talent, Creative Niche
Maya Bruck
Senior Product Designer, Etsy
Dayton Pereira
Founder, Product Designer, Signal UX
Lee Dale
CEO, Say Yeah!
Reduce The Unknown And Prototype
The journey of developing and launching new digital products into the wild is a rollercoaster ride of risk and reward. What if risk could be reduced each time you hit… Read more…
Business UX/UI Work Better
Dayton Pereira
Founder, Product Designer, Signal UX
UX as a Team Sport
As a UX designer, you are the de facto champion of the people who use your product — heck, the word “user” is part of your title. And to create… Read more…
Collaboration UX/UI Work Better
Maya Bruck
Senior Product Designer, Etsy
Most of us in the digital space think of UX as something that happens inside our screens, but user experience is in every product, service or space we encounter. Why… Read more…
Design UX/UI Work Better
Matt Hryhorsky
UX Lead, Shopify
Why Designers and Data Scientists Should be BFFs
Data science, machine learning and analytics are changing the world – and the world of design won’t be immune to this transformation. Big data and tools such as machine learning… Read more…
Business DataViz UX/UI
Ramy Nassar
Director, Service Innovation, Architech