Spotlight UX

2022-12-01 00:00:00 2022-12-02 00:00:00 America/Toronto Spotlight UX Join us at this exciting online event for designers looking to expand their UX skills. Online FITC EST Online

Designing Adaptive Experiences In The 21st Century
Responsive design..? Progressive enhancement..? Are these the same as Adaptive UX..? This panel will be discussing how design practices and processes have evolved since these terms were first coined. And… Read more…
Designing for Serendipity
We are spiralling into chaos—the old world is crumbling before our eyes, life is getting more unpredictable and scary. It’s a good time for us to learn how to deal… Read more…
Collaboration UX/UI
Kit Oliynyk
Fannie Mae
Designing Responsible Products: Why Intent Matters More Than Ever
Building successful products has always been about solving problems. But the scale and complexity of the problems we face is at an all-time high as we consider creating solutions that… Read more…
Andy Vitale
Rocket Companies
Getting Loud: How Bias Impacts Voice
“Speak up! We want to hear from you more.”
“You need to be more assertive.”
“You really should have said something.” Many of us have heard these types… Read more…
Collaboration Diversity & Inclusion Inspire
Eiko Kawano
Loblaw Digital
Using Outcomes as a Spark for UX
Generate enthusiasm for delivering great UX without lecturing about UX. What if you could generate excitement about delivering great user experiences without having to explain what UX is? Imagine this…… Read more…
Jared Spool
Center Centre – UIE
You Should Not Design For Your Users
Bradee has been designing tools for creation for over 10 years across several companies. The one consistent problem she’s observed is the well-intended desire to focus on a generic “Users”… Read more…
Ethics Innovation Strategy
Bradee Evans