Spotlight React 2016
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An Overview of the React Ecosystem
React has been named the front-end library to learn in 2016 however few people talk about the React without mentioning Flux (or Redux or React Native or Relay). In this… Read more…
Rami Sayar
Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Building React Applications with Redux
Since React is just a “view framework”, it leaves you with lots of options for how to architect the deeper parts of your stack. The best way to handle those… Read more…
JavaScript React Web Dev
Yuri Takhteyev
Building Static Sites with React
Building static sites can provide serious benefits to us as developers such as performance, security and simplicity. However, building static sites usually means either having to learn a specific static… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript React
Ian Sinnott
Software Engineer, TruSTAR Technology
I Heard React Was Good
There is no doubt React is here to stay, it’s popularity is on the rise. But if you are new to JS or new to JS frameworks you might be… Read more…
Frameworks React Web Dev
Ryan Christiani
UX Developer Lead, Shopify
Intro To React Native
React Native introduces a new way to write native mobile apps. You can take everything that you know and love about React and apply it to native apps. Unlike hybrid… Read more…
Intermediate JavaScript React
Varun Vachhar
Technical Director,
React For Vikings
React For Vikings will be a somewhat hairy but totally barbaric look into building the behind the scenes site “Vikings – A World Revealed” for the History Channel. This talk… Read more…
Animation React Web Dev
Mikko Haapoja
Director of Creative Technology, Jam3
Universal Applications
One of the largest issues with building rich client-side applications is the inevitable sharing of logic, as well as performance issues that arise after the initial beta phase is passed.… Read more…
JavaScript React Web Dev
Stepan Parunashvili
Software Engineer, Facebook