Spotlight React 2016

2016-03-05 00:00:00 2016-03-06 00:00:00 America/Toronto Spotlight React 2016 We’re taking a deep dive into ReactJS and hope you’ll join us to learn how you can leverage this increasingly mainstream technology in your work. This one day event is designed for industry professionals and features notable speakers; attendees can expect to build up their skills with a… Toronto FITC Toronto



Since React is just a “view framework”, it leaves you with lots of options for how to architect the deeper parts of your stack. The best way to handle those deeper layers is by using Redux – a state container that allows you to write much of your application in the form of pure functions. Using Redux helps you write applications that are much easier to test and understand and to achieve more thorough separation between your views and your business logic. Redux also unlocks the possibility of using amazing tools.


Introduce the audience to Redux, a state container that can be used together with React to achieve sanity deeper down in your stack.

Target Audience

Developers familiar with core React and looking for a better way to architect their applications.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Core React knowledge is assumed. Familiarity with basic Flux concepts would help, but I’ll review those quickly.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Why pure functions make your code easier to maintain.
  2. How unidirectional data flows help you sleep better at night.
  3. How Redux helps you manage state better via reducers.
  4. How to use Redux together with React.
  5. How to test Redux applications.