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Awesome Ember Tricks
The main reason to use a browser application framework like EmberJS is that it lets you do things that aren’t possible with server side rendering. In this talk, Robin will… Read more…
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Robin Ward
Founder, Discourse
Client Side MVC and The Gosh Darn Back Button
How to Manage State in Thick Client Apps As server side developers build stateless server side applications and start to develop JavaScript applications and frameworks, there are new challenges they… Read more…
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Harry Brundage
Continuous Deployment Workflows for Non-Trivial Full-Stack JavaScript Applications
Nick Van Weerdenburg describes how they achieved a continuous delivery and deployment workflow that they use on all their client projects. Topics include different Git workflows and the magic of… Read more…
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Nick Van Weerdenburg
Realtime “Eye Candy” with AngularJS
Learn how to make a fully interactive, realtime AngularJS application with snappy animation effects, sleek performance and clean, organized code. Top that off by testing all aspects of the application using Protractor… Read more…
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Matias Niemelä
Software Engineer, AngularJS Google
Rich Interactivity with CreateJS
The open source CreateJS libraries and tools makes it easy to create compelling interactive content integrating smart loading, sound, high speed graphics, and animation. Now on their third year and… Read more…
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Grant Skinner
Turbocharging Client-Side Processing: Leveraging asm.js
Mozilla’s asm.js technology has shown that JavaScript can approach the speed of native code for computationally-intensive tasks. However, many assume that the entire web application needs to be written in… Read more…
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Vladimir Vukicevic
Engineering Director, Mozilla
Virtual Machines 101
JavaScript is everywhere these days, but what are the characteristics of its execution in different environments? Tasveer will focus on different JavaScript virtual machines and their approaches to concurrency, garbage… Read more…
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Tasveer Singh
CTO, HoodQ