Presented by Patrick Keenan and Alan Smith

This presentation mainly outlines
several projects that are connected to socially minded issues and
environmental issues. Doing projects for the community has always been something close to my heart so I really admire what these guys are doing. Along with taking on projects that directly impact change they also advocate the use of open source software and printing methods.

Cause based design is still a new concept but is gaining steam. I think it will become more popular as the public becomes more aware of environmental issues  and develop the urge to do something - don't forget Al Gore.

Design shouldn't be limited to just making things look pretty or making money, a designer should try to help others and to teach but anyways enough about me.

The presenters outlined 12 steps that can be followed.

12 steps:

  • Consider what to preserve and what
    to change

  • Take note of your impact
  • Draw the line, what wont you do 
  • Set priorities, what matters most
    (urgent/important, not urgent/important) 
  • Share the worse deed you did for
    an evil client 
  • Tell somebody you're about to make
    a change in your professional work 
  • Implement a system to help you 
  • Make an ideal client list. Don't
    let the list just sit there, contact them 
  • Join something 
  • Meet-ups and serendipity 
  • Do. Then talk. Then do more. 
  • Try these, try something more.


I got distracted and may have gotten the last one wrong but you get the gist.

Link of interest: WiserEarth

Edit: I apologize about the link, I got it from the FITC booklet