Matt Lambert is a talented guy with talented co-workers who have some impressive skills with video and After Effects. So what do Matt and his colleagues develop with their abilities at 1stAveMachine? According to Matt -- some very simple stuff.

Matt took us back to video editing in the early part of this decade. Back then he says, most artists weren't playing much with tools like After Effects and it was easy to create something nobody had seen before. Lots of people started experimenting with the technology, which was interesting for a time. However, Matt says that after a while, the art of storytelling was replaced with showing off the latest technical trick (I'm looking at YOU George Lucas). Matt considered the old saying "everyone has a pencil, but what makes an artist?" So, Matt set out to become a better story teller.

He shared several of his projects with us, the the highlight was this piece he worked on for the Discovery channel:

[youtube RYup4JIBAq4]

Matt's main message was not to let technology get in the way of telling great stories. Rather, try to find a way to utilize technology to enhance your narrative.