Synthia 1.0

Back in December, I posted about some progress on the Synesthesizer, a software-based synthesizer that translates pictures into music, with synesthesia-inspired metaphors.

I'd been planning to get the Synesthesizer into some decent shape for my talk, Hearing Pictures, at FITC Amsterdam, next Monday, February 22nd.
But, I have to admit, I sorta hit a wall. I just wasn't getting the results with the Synesthesizer that I wanted.

So I started over -- working on a new software-based musical instrument from scratch. And the results were better than expected.

Her name is Synthia, she's the first musical instrument that we're releasing out of Almer/Blank Labs, and she's all rarin' to go -- but I won't let her come out for another 132 and a half hours.

I will debut Synthia, during Hearing Pictures. If you're planning to be at FITC Amsterdam, then you will most definitely not want to miss this presentation @ 4PM in Shaffyyzaal on Day 1, Monday, February 22nd. 

And, after my talk, a Synthia installation will be running in the exhibit hall for the remainder of the conference.

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