Ralph Hauwert HeadshotRalph Hauwert is a Dutch Flash Platform expert, focused on creating new and innovative appliances for the Web. He works as a freelance consultant and developer of rich Internet experiences, using such technologies as Papervision3D, ActionScript, and AIR. As an industry recognized leader in the field of Flash 3D, and a well-known figure within the Flash Open Source movement, he spends a lot of his "play time" on such projects as Papervision3D and Rhonda Forever, the 3D sketching application project created by Amit Pitaru and James Paterson

With more then a decade of experience on the Flash Platform, Ralph is a frequent speaker at technology and design-centric events such as Adobe Live, FITC, Flash on the Beach, Multimania, and user group gatherings. As a former core member of the Papervision3D team, together with Carlos Ulloa and John Grden, Ralph has also conducted workshops exploring the relatively new field of Flash 3D. Ralph is also a proud ambassador for the Dutch Adobe usergroup. He blogs at Unit Zero One, and can be followed on Twitter at @unitzeroone.

Lately he has been working on such project as the Anne Frank virtual house, commisioned by LBi Lost Boys and the Anne Frank Foundation. For this project, Ralph has built a custom 3D engine from the ground up, to help create an online experience of the Anne Frank house in realtime 3D quality previously unseen on the Flash Platform. 

[vimeo 4349841]

Ralph is presenting "UnitZeroOne : Skunkworks" at FITC Toronto 2010. In this session Ralph will explore and reveal his journeys into creating real-time graphics with code. With all new and shiny tips&tricks from his "graphics coding black book". A session packed with information on 2D and 3D graphics programming with a personal narrative, promises to be a fun trip through the works and mind of UnitZeroOne.

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