FITC is thrilled to be hosting an event dedicated to Virtual Reality coming up on December 5th, and we had a chance to profile one of the presenters, Stefan Grambart, Creative Director at Secret Location. He was the artistic lead on the VR experience for the hit FOX series Sleepy Hollow, which was awarded the first ever Emmy for a VR project (Outstanding User Experience & Visual Design).

Stefan Grambart

"In just the last year, we’ve seen substantial progress in virtual reality as a story medium. Sure, VR offers an exciting new avenue to engage with our audiences, but it also challenges the methods we’ve historically relied on to craft meaningful narrative."


"Presence has been championed as a key feature in VR, but we’ve learned that an audience simply “being there” isn’t the wizardry you’d expect ­ at least not where story is concerned. Dealing with how to present characters and plot is an altogether different issue from audience immersion and begs the question: How do you effectively dramatize in VR? What makes the story, and not just the experience memorable? How can we elicit emotional reactions from our audiences?"


"In Secret Location’s Sleepy Hollow V R experience for FOX, we tackled all the creative and technical obstacles that creators face when working with this nascent technology. As we’ve moved on, we’ve gained insight and have continued to develop new strategies to further engage audiences in virtual reality. Through projects that document a viral outbreak, or capture the emotion of classical music performance, we’ve continued to innovate on interaction and story to pinpoint where exactly we stand in VR ­ it’s not quite a game, but not really a film... it’s someplace else."

Join Stefan and FITC at Spotlight VR, December 5th, 2015
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