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Ever wondered if your business could use an app? What parts of your business could be easier, cheaper or more lucrative with an app? Whether your business is established or budding, having a business app can prove itself to be a major asset if you're willing to invest the money into one. In Should We Have an App for That?, Christina Moulton, developer at Teak Mobile Inc, covers the basics and helps you take that sometimes necessary leap.

First off, you might be wondering: why bother? Believe it or not, there is value in having a business app and can make a difference in your day-to-day schedule. After all, it is a form of branding that could potentially pay off for both you and the user.

Sometimes it's a matter of finding the right type of app for your business. Whether we're talking Branding, Lead Generation, Process Automation, Sales Assistance, Sales Material or Self-Service apps, establishing what you can offer your potential clients is a big part of creating a successful one. What type of dynamic interactivity will work for your business? Here's a look at each of the different types:

Scarecrow gameBranding Apps: PR campaigns that are meant to stand out and engage the user. (i.e. Chipotle Scarecrow)

Lead Generation Apps: These lead users to your products and create interest. It's best to update lead generation apps regularly in order to create a rich experience for the user.

Process Automation Apps: These are the least visible yet most beneficial of business apps. They help streamline workflows and focus on efficiency. Usability over aesthetics.

selligySales Assistance Apps: These apps focus on decision quality and help sales staff figure out time and work efficiency. (i.e. Selligy)

Sales Material Apps: Apps that focus on aesthetics and sales focus while supporting sales efforts and impress prospects. They create, manage, push and track effectiveness, both existing or custom. (i.e. Showpad)

Self-service Apps: These apps focus on fluid usability and aesthetics, and are made to improve both the customer experience by reducing staff time and scheduling. (i.e. Pizza Hut AppChipotle App)

So with that in mind, should you have an app? It all depends on what you're going for and whether that impression is worth enough to your brand.  Brainstorm both the user experience and your goals and you might find just what you're looking for.

Christina Moulton presented Should We Have an App For That? The Value of Apps For Businesses at SCREENS 2013. Above photos courtesy of N. Maxwell Lander. 

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