Storytelling X.0

We're super stoked here at FITC Events to announce a brand new event that explores how digital technologies are changing forms of storytelling right now. Storytelling X.0 is a one day symposium that will be held on April 27th, 2010, the last day of FITC Toronto 2010.

New technologies are changing how we communicate at ever faster intervals. What the digital landscape will look like in 2015 or 2020 is anybody’s guess. As transmedia, cross-media and augmented reality raise the bar for how new stories will be told, how can new and experienced digital storytellers stay ahead of the curve?

Digital Storytelling X.0 brings together visionary thinkers and innovative trail blazers for an in-depth discussion of emergent trends, best practices, and inspiring projects, to sketch out ideas of where we may be heading next and how to make your projects part of those futures. We'll hear from industry leaders like Alex McDowell, Tali Krakowsky, John Underkoffler, Andrew Roth, and more.

If you’re a digital creative wanting to make the experience of your projects richer, more engaging and more immersive or if you’re a film and/or tv content creator interested in working in the digital media industry, this day is for you, because slapping on a twitter feed or creating a character profile for your project is so last year’s update.

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Please note that ticket holders to FITC Toronto 2010 already receive admission to this special event!