Mavis Huntley awards winMeet FITC featured speaker Mavis Huntley

Mavis is responsible for integrating production with clients for digital, broadcast and print advertising. She inspires john st. and her clients to embrace change and use emerging technologies to create better relationships with consumers. She has spoken at digital forums like NXNE and DX3, and her work has won awards at TED, SXSW and the Webby’s.

She sits on the ICA Interactive Council, leads the Loyalist College Advisory Council and helped renegotiate the collective bargaining agreement with ACTRA.

Mavis dreams of opening an office in Halifax so she can get back to her niece and nephew before they stop thinking she is cool.

1) Can you share with us your latest project? 

We currently launched an experiential campaign for Winners that coincides with the TV spots that are on air currently, bringing to life the notion that there are "big finds" to be had at their stores.

Mavis HuntleyFor two weeks Winners fans are getting clues about the whereabouts of large-scale replicas of a shoe, purse and moto jacket that have been placed throughout Quebec. Hints can be found on Facebook and

Fans who find one of the designer installations are being asked to take a picture of it to share via Instagram or Twitter using a related hashtag they receive through Facebook clues and on the actual installation.

The first three people to discover the Big Find installation will win designer items valued at up to $2,000 from Winners. The next 25 will receive a $25 Winners gift card.

What was exciting about this is that we truly saw each medium working together to support the campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Radio, TV, Online Ads, OOH).

2) For those new to the industry, how do you recommend they break in?

I'm a big believer in informational interviews. By using this as a way of entry, it allows you to call the places and the people you would most like to work for without waiting for a job to be posted or at the risk of having your resume thrown into the pile with all the others. To me as an employer, seeing prospective employees, even when you’re not looking, makes a ton of sense. I encourage my staff to actively participate in these in order to keep our pipeline full. Before you even know what the next hire is, you have a potential candidate waiting to fill that seat.

3) If you had one superpower (or wish), what would it be?

Teleportation. I recently moved out of the city to Bowmanville and would love just to arrive at either place on a daily basis without fighting the commute.

4) If there was one person dead or alive you could have dinner with, who would it be and why?

I'm going to cheat a bit and say that I would love to have dinner with two people, my grandparents. They both have passed away in the last few years and what I wouldn't do to sit down and have a few laughs with them, fill them in on what's been going on in my life and see their faces when I tell them, "No, I'm still not married." Of course, I'd make my grandmother cook.

Thanks for sharing with us, Mavis! 

Mavis most recently participated on The Ins and Outs of Working with Agencies panel at Spotlight: Freelance.