Meet FITC featured speaker Carlos Ulloa

Carlos Ulloa

Carlos Ulloa is an interactive designer and co-founder of HelloEnjoy along with his partner Libertad Aguilera. They combine their passion for games with their love of music to create playful interactive experiences. Although they produce commercial work for a range of clients including Disney, Sony, Samsung, Swarovski, Absolut, Lexus, Infiniti, Nissan and Peugeot, they are better known for their own innovative projects using the latest 3D technologies.

Having released HelloRacer and helloflower, they recently launched HelloRun, a hypnotic 3D runner game focused on speed and rhythm, featuring music by indie dance band Du Tonc.

Carlos will be presenting Developing Interactive 3D Experiences in HTML5 and HelloRun: A Hypnotic 3D Runner Music Game at FITC Amsterdam February 24-25, 2014. 

Thanks for answering some questions for us!

1) Can you share with us your latest project? 

My latest project is called HelloRun and it's a 3D runner game focused on speed and rhythm. Music plays a lead role in the experience, dictating the flow of the action. The game is hard and unforgiving, but some people find the challenge to be addictive. It was developed in HTML5 using WebGL and Web Audio technologies.

2) What do you think is the biggest challenge our industry faces right now?

Our biggest challenge is navigating an evolving and often confusing tech landscape. We are living a time of transition and change and there's more to come. Technology doesn't stand still and neither should we.

3) Do you have any future projects lined up, and can you share them with us? ?

In our next projects we want to continue exploring the relationship between music and interaction. We are interested in new ways to interact with visuals and audio to create playful experiences.

4) Favourite cartoon character or superhero, and why?

The first cartoon I remember enjoying was the original Speed Racer back in the 70s. He was talented and determined, ready to stand up for what he believed in. The stories were set in remote and exotic places, with intrigue, excitement and fast racing cars. What else could you want?

5) If you had one superpower (or wish), what would it be?

My favourite superpower would be the ability of space-time manipulation. Wouldn't it be great to be able to slow time down, do absolutely everything and still have time for yourself? And if you feel like it, you could also travel through time and teleport anywhere.

6) Favourite music to work to? Any specific artists?

There's so much good music around these days! I'm particularly into the indie dance & nu-disco scene which combines elements of disco, electronica, rock and pop. When I'm working I'm usually listening to mixtapes with music by Todd Terje, Gigamesh, Miami Horror, Bufi, Zimmer, Yuksek, The Magician and our friends Du Tonc resposible for the music of our game HelloRun.

Thanks, Carlos – see you in Amsterdam!