YouTube personality and Flash developer, Phillip Kerman, hosted the show, which also saw Calgary, Alberta-based designer, Bram Timmer, walk away with the People's Choice Award. Winners in all categories received a can opener encased in Plexiglas along with a year of bragging rights.

In the Canadian-only categories, The Vacuum won for Best Canadian Studio Website; Gregory Marc Tare Washington for Best Canadian Designer Website; and Peter Nitsch for Best Canadian Developer Website. Yohei Shimomae won for Best Canadian Student Website.

Best In Show
GE Augmented Reality

Best Experimental Flash
GE Augmented Reality

Best Flash Visual Design
GE Smartgrid

3D Flash
NVIDIA Speak Visual

Audio in Flash
Happy in Greenville

Flash Advertisement
Wario Land Shake It!

Flash Animation
White Gold

Flash Game
James Bond: Quantum of Solace Multiplayer Game

Flash Motion Graphics
40|30, The Gherkin, 30 St. Mary Axe

Flash Narrative
Secret Location - Portfolio Site

Flash Self-Promotion
Thank You Begins With a T

Flash Usability
Michener Interactive Patient Record

Technical Excellence in Flash