'What was your inspiration for the creative for FITC Amsterdam X?'

If I would summarize it with a single word, it would be "potential". Event creative revolves around this idea of a "Product X" - which is shaped depending on the viewer/audience. Just like the output of any creative, I believe FITC, as a creative event, outputs something.



See: Murat Pak twitter.com/muratpak
Hear: Lustmord twitter.com/lustmord


The primary concern in building the scenes were to make them prime*.


Every scene has a name, an idea that creates an abstract story about creation and reveal of "potential" but every scene is also designed to make sense depending on the viewer.
If you try to interpret the whole story as [insert personal topic here] the visuals still work. The way scenes are built like this is to make the end result as sublime as possible, with the feeling of "some type of communication is happening, but what is it?" - for the purpose of making the audience feel like an alien religion is being presented.


Technically speaking, scenes are simple and the simplicity is there to support the feeling. Some scenes were harder to balance composition wise, as light and shadow is (almost) the only thing that's on the screen. Mathematically perfect objects look computer generated without a doubt, however, natural lighting is a good contrast to make things fall somewhere closer to the uncanny valley. That was also intentional. Lustmord's music in the project is also there to support this hard contrast, as it is very human.


Finally, as the whole work is there to present the speaker names it was also quite challenging to make use of the time for pieces without making the whole boring. Timing of the video is based on the underlying music and any music with a fixed bpm would make the project fall apart. Therefore Lustmord's "Babel" is the perfect fit not only for the feeling but also for the timing challenges as it flows naturally while preserving this very authentic and alien theme.