As a special treat for us at FITC, and an assignment for the Juniors in the Motion Design department at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida - students were tasked with designing new event creative for FITC Amsterdam!

We're happy to be sharing many of the designs here for you to enjoy, and maybe one of them will become FITC Amsterdam 2018!

D. Safani


J.Journey // M. Sarvepalli

A. Khalid


S. Swanson // D. Reyes

R. Fortunato


H. Segraves // M. Hall

K. Mehrez


M. Moore // M. Cusano

B. Gagg

D. Johnson // V. Bundschu

K. Camacho

J. Lee // S. Biggert

J. Han


J. Ramirez //A. Galanty

D. Cash


B. Tolley // E. Martinez


All images courtesy of

Janine Gevas
Professor Motion Design
Ringling College of Art + Design

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FITC Amsterdam // Design. Technology. Cool Shit.
Amsterdam • Feb 20-21, 2017