FEATURED SPEAKER - Hydro74 (AKA Joshua M. Smith)






Hydro74 | MCMLXXIV | The Purveyor of Sin
Hydro74 is one of our headlining speakers at both FITC Toronto 2013 and FITC Amsterdam 2013 and he will also be hosting a no holds barred chat with GMUNK at FITC Amsterdam 2013. Major props go out to the uber-talented Hydro74 for designing our kick-ass promotional poster and banner artwork for this year's event.

A bit about Hydro74:

Hydro74 is based in Orlando and has made a name for himself through his unique, dark graphic style and tremendous attention to detail. He is one of the best vector artists in the business and always makes a point of reminding people that he's out there to push boundaries and constantly aims to challenge clients and other industry creatives with his unique, ground-breaking style. Hydro74's artwork is one-of-a-kind and his prints are typically only available for the first 100 buyers (and are not reprinted) to preserve their overall appeal and quality.

We are pumped to welcome Hydro74 to FITC Amsterdam and Toronto and we look forward to having him share his two cents with us - we're certain that his presentation is going to tear the house down!

Want to hear Hydro74 speak but don't have a ticket yet? It's never too late!
Get yours at the early bird rate until March 8, 2013 - FITC Toronto 2013

Hydro74's Upcoming Presentations:

Amsterdam - A 'No holds barred' chat with GMUNK: Hydroponic Munkosity

Toronto/Amsterdam Presentation: Perfection Within Imperfection

Check out more of his work below, or visit his website for a better taste of what he has to offer: hydro74.com