Buck is a global, creative-led company that uses art and technology to make things.

Inspiration for the creative

Being creative beats the hell out of not.

Your take on the theme BRACE FOR IMPACT

Hold on to your ears campers, we going to fill your brain soo fast, its gonna explode!

Technical direction for the titles, and how you incorporated the theme BRACE FOR IMPACT

Creativity is HOT! ...and being smart is even HOTTER!!! For this year’s opening sequence, we wanted to make an all-inclusive, dirty, mega-banger that’s just as smoking as this year’s presenters.

So get ready, and BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!

A technology, current or currently sci-fi, that you're looking forward to and why

When AR or mixed reality seamlessly creates another layer of reality, using hand tracking for gestures coupled with brain imaging and neuron detection to convert thoughts to actions and written words.

This is the advent of the cyborg, or the beginning of the singularity as we evolve to merge with technology.

The changes will be radical as we live in a new reality that enhances communication, increases productivity and makes language and information barriers a thing of the past. And cyborgs look cool.

Favourite camping related memory/experience

14 yrs old, tripping balls on mushrooms for the first time at a campground in Windermere, BC. It is here that I first realized that reality is only a matter of perception.

CAMP 2018 — Titles from CAMP

Directed by Buck

Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Emily Rickard
Creative Directors: Jenny Ko & Steve Day
Producers: David Guti Rosado & Kirsten Collabolletta
Design: Jerry Suh, Gunnar Petterson, Jenny Ko, Steve Day, Jigyu Yoon, Richard Gray, Cecilia Chang Lee, Chris Markland, Ren Chen, Rafael Araujo
Head of 2D Animation: Daniel Coutinho
Animation: Nick Petley, Junyi Xiao, Jake Armstrong, Stephen Loveluck, Juan Ricardo Hernandez, Rafael Araujo, Jose Peña, Ibrahim Zemheri, Fabian Molina, Scott Jonsson, Matt Everton, Sarah Blank, Jake Portman

Music by: Steve Day, Marc Steinberg, Andy Lyon
Vocal Stylings by: Marc Steinberg, Debora Cruchon, Steve Day, Nele Taylor, Daniel Rodrigues, Audrey Yeo
Background Vocals by: Emily Rickard, Alex Ceglia, Camily Tsai, Amelia Giller