FITC events, which are all about connecting and empowering digital creators, are a tangible embodiment of the four attributes its name stands for: Future, Innovation, Technology and Creativity. These four concepts are also integral for Nuvango. As a team of passionate art lovers dedicated to helping artists share their masterpieces with the world by making great products, Nuvango sees the future as being epitomized by innovation, technology and creativity.

The Future will be a world of sustainability and personalizability. Apparel that’s created as it’s ordered reduces the amount of waste while providing “made just for you” feel-good vibes.

Innovation is in the team’s blood. The company’s tech skins line, known as GelaSkins, were first on the scene, paving the way for the popularity of customized tech device décor that followed. Now Nuvango has come up with something fresh to revolutionize the apparel space: a special dye printing process that allows for beautifully vibrant images on allover printed pieces of clothing where the colors won’t fade, crack or degrade over time.


The Technology for all this is done in-house at the Toronto HQ, from the online ordering system to the design layouts to the printing, sewing, and shipping processes. Now that’s efficiency.

Creativity is the core element of everything Nuvango touches: boundless creativity by the roster of talented artists, impressive creativity in the design of product lines, unparalleled creativity in the way that everything is executed with top-notch quality.

Come chat with Nuvango about the future, innovation, technology and creativity at FITC Toronto, exhibiting April 12-14, 2015.