Yosef Flomin, software developer at BLITZ Agency in Santa Monica, CA, was born in the former USSR in what is now the independent country of Moldavia. On his journey to the United States, Yosef has lived in Austria, Italy and Israel. In the states, Yosef sought education in the arts of business development and computer science, though his current profession clearly declares computer science the winner. So what did he do with this knowledge? Yosef went on to bend Adobe Flash to his will, dabble with Microsoft Silverlight and Unity 3d, rock the Xbox and Kinect, and made the android and iPhone his playground.

At BLITZ, Yosef’s primary focus is Flash development and architecture, but he takes every opportunity to learn new technologies and exploring how to push their limits. Outside the workplace, Yosef entertains his wife Chaya and son Eliyahu-David. As if that doesn’t take up all his time, he enjoys studying, a good vodka or scotch, staying up as late as possible and dreams of one day convincing his wife to let him buy a chopper (not the one that flies).

The California lotto says “Imagine what a buck can do,” But Yosef’s personal philosophy is “Image what a person can do.”