Born in the late seventies, Wim Vanhenden is a child of the first generation that grows up with a personal computer in the living room. He was raised in a creative family: his father owned an art gallery and teaches painting, his mother is a ceramic artist and his sister is a graphic designer, he himself has always been more attracted to computers than to a painter’s canvas. In the mid eighties he started drawing his first experiments in BASIC on his Tandy TRS-80 Coco II home computer. From that moment onwards, life without computers is unthinkable for him.

Wim has 15 years of experience in the creative development scene where winning an FWA award for his personal site was definitely one of the highlights. As one of the founding partners of Little Miss Robot, Wim is leading the development team with a strong focus and passion for creative development. C++, Objective-c, Java, Actionscript, Processing, .. you name it, Wim speaks it.