Trent Oster is the Creative Director and Business Development Director of Beamdog.

After fifteen years of game development experience, Trent is now the co-founder of Beamdog, an innovative digital distribution startup. Trent is no stranger to gaming startups; As a student of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan, he co-founded Bioware and later broke off as an owner in Pyrotek Games Studios, where he developed the highly-successful action game “Shattered Steel”. Trent rejoined Bioware to finish “Shattered Steel” and went on to help grow the BioWare business, working on major successes such as Baldur’s Gate and MDK2. Following his early work, Trent stepped into the role of Project Director and Producer on the industry-changing Neverwinter Nights. He went on to establish the Department of Technology at the company, serving as its Director and defining BioWare’s overall technology strategy and managing the development of the BioWare Eclipse Engine (the Engine behind Dragon Age). Having helped evolve the game development process through his various ventures, Trent has gained expertise in the areas of team management, art and technology integration and game concept development. At Beamdog, he is responsible for business development, creative direction and marketing. Trent currently holds multiple hats at Beamdog, serving as President, Director of Business Development and Creative Director.