A geek from birth, Scott’s youth was filled with LEGO, cryptography, D&D and Colecovision. His desire for adventure saw him sailing schooners and crewing a barquentine across the Atlantic ocean. He ran a DJ company before his omnivorous mind lead him to study biology, law, art history, film, German and media arts.

Most recently he studied cognitive science at U of T until deciding to get back into the marketing industry. Professionally, he has 15 years in the digital world as an Information Architect, Experience Designer and Digital Strategist. Getting to the core of a wicked problem largely defines his role as Senior Director, Digital Strategy at AIMIA Proprietary Loyalty where he works with clients that include Husky and Scotiabank.

When he is not working you can find him reading anything he can find, baking bread, or helping his children become bona fide geeks.