Rob Kenedi is Entrepreneur-In-Residence at The Working Group and the host and founder of Entrepreneurs in Small Rooms Drinking Coffee. He is passionate about building technology companies, creating successful business strategies and relationships, architecting top tier product experiences, and working with brilliant people who want to change the world with emerging technology.

Rob has delivered a #1 game on iTunes, worked with AT&T research labs to create new businesses and take new products to market, and led product for the Ontario Telemedicine Network. He developed apps for many early stage hardware mobile devices, including the first iPad, and holds a degree in human-computer interaction / CS & Psychology degree from the University of Toronto.

His weekly podcast, Entrepreneurs in Small Rooms Drinking Coffee, is a chance for startup founders to share candid stories about their companies. Recent guests have included Kathryn Hague (ShopLocket), Zac Homuth (Upverter) and Natasha Baker (snapEDA). He organized Startup Weekend Maker and iOT events in Toronto, and mentors with global pre-accelerator program Startup Next. Rob owns seven raspberry pis.