Thinkingbox takes great pride in having Patrick as the leader of their Innovation Lab, where he continuously pushes the boundaries at the intersection of art, technology, and storytelling. Patrick’s vibrant energy, extensive experience, and limitless creativity enable him to create “things people take selfies in front of” that truly captivate and engage audiences.

Prior to pursuing his master’s degree at the Centre for Digital Media, Patrick attended Ryerson University’s School of Radio and Television Arts and studied Fine Arts at UBC. Throughout his career, he has worked extensively as a freelance creative coder, designer, developer, editor, and animator for esteemed television stations such as MTV, Knowledge, and TVO, as well as renowned advertising agencies like DARE and Noise Digital. Additionally, he has collaborated with numerous independent creatives. At Thinkingbox, Patrick seamlessly combines his formal training in broadcasting with his passion for new media arts, programming, and interactivity. He is an expert in his field and specializes in creating awe-inspiring experiential activations worldwide, serving both brands and artists seeking to make a lasting impact.

Patrick’s relentless quest for the perfect bowl of ramen led him to consult AI for recommendations, but even the most advanced algorithms couldn’t keep up with his insatiable noodle-seeking adventures. It seems technology has yet to catch up with Patrick’s unwavering love for ramen exploration!