For over 20 years, multi-award winning producer Moyra Rodger has circled the globe creating prime time television, music, lifestyle, and documentary programming with strong ‘storytelling’ and impeccable production values at the heart. Early on, Moyra understood the opportunities to morph content across myriad platforms — both online and offline — and the need to maximize audience engagement and create interactive 360 degree dialogue. Her digital focus, pioneering thought process, and future‐thinking are entrenched in her company Magnify Digital, a front-runner in creating eMarketing strategies for the digital world for clients ranging from the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games/Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition, to the Whistler Film Festival and a long list of theatrical entertainment properties and prime time series. Moyra is recognized as a North American thought leader and is a sought after speaker on the subjects of audience engagement, two‐way dialogue, and digital rights. She has been teaching companies how to add digital strategy to their suite of services; better yet, she’s showing them how to make money at it. Recently, Rodger has introduced ALERT-TV+, Magnify Digital’s powerful proprietary system that brings digital engagement tools into the hands of storytellers, producers, broadcasters, and distributors.