Mike Creighton is a creative technologist and interactive developer in Portland, Oregon. Currently Technical Director at a small interactive design studio called HEGA, he is the classic jack-of-all-trades, always seeking new things to learn and new ways to innovate.

For most of his career, Flash has been his primary development platform and creative tool. But due to a constant need for experimentation and play, Mike’s knowledge extends into HTML/JavaScript/CSS, PHP, Java, Processing, C# and WPF, C++ with Cinder and openFrameworks, OpenGL, and anything else that helps him achieve his goals and prototype his ideas.

Mike is a big believer and supporter of open source. He released an open source Adobe AIR VJ application in 2007 called visp, and he’s a co-contributor to the open source ActionScript library called CASA Lib. Most recently he released a set of tools for single-point motion capture available at capturingflow.com.

With his personal work, Mike tries to find the intersection between traditional art-making techniques and the world of possibilities afforded by computational media. He documents his progress and experiments on his blog TODAY, CREATE.