Mike Knowlton was born in 1970 in upstate New York. He graduated from Miami University, 1992. He produces interactive films and founded social film studio Murmur with long-time business and creative partner Hal Siegel. At Murmur he creates original social films and consults with leading brands, studios, and networks on using social films to extend existing properties. The company is a pioneer in this new genre of entertainment. He is active in the Transmedia community as co-organizer of the Transmedia NYC Meetup.

Mike has a unique blend of technology, creative, and business experience. He founded and led digital agencies Nascent State and BASIK (both companies had annual revenues exceeding one million dollars). Mike has led large multi-disciplinary teams in developing complex software applications for major brands including Home Shopping Network, Tiffany & Co., Gateway, Gucci, and Theory. Mike is a lifelong musician and has played in numerous indie-rock bands. Follow Mike on Twitter @murmurco or on Facebook at Murmur.