Matthew Patience is establishing himself as an emerging developer in the Android community with a growing number of critically acclaimed applications for the Android Platform. Having been profiled a number of times by,, and, his applications have been hailed as “Entertaining” and “Easy to use”.

As a Partner and Technical Director of BNOTIONS he manages an incredible team of Android developers who create powerful and intuitive applications. With clients such as Naughty By Nature and The Score they are among some of the most respected Android developers in North America.

Through Patience’s impeccable programming skills and keen eye for user experience, his products are solid and consistent. Currently released applications from Matthew Patience that are available from the Android Market include “TwitHaus”, “Guardly”, and “Naughty by Nature”.

Matthew has 4 years of Android development experience, 5 Years of Java development experience and has built his own Android Application Development Framework called Axcess. Matthew specializes in creating universally compatible applications across the three major Android platforms; smartphone, tablet, and TV.