Since the age of five, upon first encounter with the amazing Vectrex console and its mesmerizing vector graphics, Marcus has been in love with all things digital. Years later after growing up exploring the digital space with Commodores, Amigas and PCs, Marcus entered university to study theoretical philosophy and computer science. The combination of these disciplines led him into the space of cognitive science, artificial intelligence and interaction design which became the basis for his masters degree in mid 2000s. This combined with a lifelong love and deep interest for arts, crafts and music brought Marcus into the field where design and arts meets technology and innovation.

After more than a decade in the business working at the distinguished agencies Fantasy Interactive, Doberman and North Kingdom, all renowned for their passion and love for details, Marcus has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of distinct high profile brands such as Disney, Lego, Hermès, Google and Adidas helping them solve various types of business problems with digital innovation and design. The work includes every type of digital experience imaginable and the outcome has been highly rewarded and appreciated in the industry competition.