Marcin Ignac an artist and programmer focusing on generative systems and procedural graphics.

He perceives his art as a visualization of an evolving idea. While the initial impulse may come from the nature, a set of numbers or one of the situations in his life, the final outcome is a result of a process of working with the matter and trying to understand it. In his works he is looking for aesthetic qualities bridging simplicity and complexity. He finds beauty and inspiration in structures of biological organisms, in patterns emerging from data and complexity of computer algorithms.

He had his work exhibited at Mediations Biennale (Poznan/PL), Computational Aesthetics (Vancouver/CA) or Generative Art show (Moscow/RU) and published in contemporary generative book project Written Images.

Marcin currently lives in Copenhagen where he collaborates with Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). In this new creative environment he blends his background in Computer Science, New Media Art and Interaction Design to develop new tools, user interfaces and ways to visualize data.