Maggie is an award-winning designer and an award-winning futurist.

As a humble futurist Maggie helps individuals, organizations, and governments to think long-term. As a risk-taking experiential designer, she helps them use five senses to understand futures. “Is this what we want, or what we don’t want?” Maggie co-founded Futures Present, a design and foresight consultancy, and will do just about anything to help you reeeeeeealllllly consider the next generation.

Once an art school drop-out, Maggie’s practice with new formats for storytelling now garners international attention. She champions low-tech storytelling, interactive media, and sends light and love to everyone addicted to the creative process. She spent a decade designing for the stage (International Shakespeare’s Globe, Stratford Theatre Festival). She was also previously the in-house futurist at Myant, pioneers in textile computing.

She maximizes her education like hell, inspired by demanding thinkers like you: Masters in Design, Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD U, and a Bachelor in Fine Art, Design for the Theatre from Concordia University; a former resident at the CFC Interactive Art and Entertainment Lab, and the Banff New Media Institute; a fellow in the Association of Professional Futurists and the School of International Futures. Done with higher education, she now sits on the Program Academic Committee of the Centennial College Journalism program.

Her most important work, making Futures Present is a truly original personal futures and design fiction technique. The future begins… with you.