Ksenya is the founding member of Samarskaya & Partners, drafting type to push against the limits of technology, radiate legibly on small screens, and trigger nuanced algorithms of emotion and history. Originating from St. Petersburg, Russia, Samarskaya got started in the world of type design working with Hoefler and Frere-Jones in 2007. Since, she’s drawn Latin, Cyrillic and Greek type, consulted on Cyrillic, and researched international language support. Clients and collaborators have included Adobe, Adidas, Apple, Google, Intel, MakerBot, Michael Kors, Micorsoft, Monotype, WeWork, YouTube, and many others. Samarskaya served on the board of AIGA/NY, and judged typography competitions including Communication Arts, TISDC, TDC, and the SoTA Catalyst Award. She currently splits her time between Brooklyn, NY and Barcelona, Spain where she teaches at Harbour.Space University.