Carved out of the finest finishing schools on the Western Plain, Kerry Janes has grown from a “spinner of logos” and “The Cousin who Makes Web Pages” into a full fledged member of the Interactive Community.

He brings over 10 years experience to the table and will not hesitate to tell you so. In the back of his mind he is sure he invented the popular tween Alpha =“0” to Alpha =“100”, still relying on it to this day—in fact, when he refers to a “solution” he is really just referring to Alpha =“0” to Alpha =“100”. He is also quick to point out that this tween can be reversed for dazzling “outro” effects.

His home is Calgary. He works at the Calgary office of Critical Mass. Interactive Marketing is what he does—having tripped over its potential a few years back and cursing at it ever since. He considers himself a designer, at heart, but dislikes the idea that there are people out there more talented than he is.

He loves his mother.