Kelowna Vincent is a self taught web developer who began her journey living in a geek house that served as a local ISP dialup. She learned to code by viewing source, replicating and improving upon the HTML of web pioneers in 1995. Twenty years later her adventures have included being part of an internet start-up in Silicon Valley in the late 90s, the web chick for the eastern seaboard’s largest strip club, and the go-to web person for many large corporate companies. She’s seen All The Changes. From Mosaic and Netscape to Firefox and Chrome using vi, Notepad, HomeSite, Dreamweaver and Sublime Text. Kelowna remembers a time before there were content management systems so has learned to effectively and strategically use and choose the systems she can improve upon and apply.

Ever continually learning and eager to share her experience, Kelowna currently freelances for a number of clients, in many instances helping to train teams and encourage women to learn to code and/or navigate their digital opportunities.