Genie Award-winning producer (“Grass” Best Documentary, 1999) Keith Clarkson moved from film and TV into interactive media when he joined ExtendMedia as Executive Producer, where he created and managed their entertainment content division. This experience brought him to Telefilm Canada, where, as Manager of the New Media Unit, he was instrumental in the creation of the Canada New Media Fund. A well-known personality in the new media sector, Clarkson is active as an advisor and speaker at industry events such as digifest, the Atlantic Film Festival, the nextMedia Festival, the Victoria International Film and Video Festival, the Banff New Media Institute and the Banff TV Festival, as well as mentoring producers at E3, Milia and ECTS. Clarkson recently returned from a year in Halifax, where he was Director, TV Unit for Telefilm’s Atlantic regional office.He now works for Xeonphile Media.