Justin Mills is a contract flash/haXe coder and fine artist.

Born Cayman Islands. Brought up as an artist and scientist in Somerset, UK. Studied mathematics/electronics. Fixed electronic balances then tested and costed thick film hybrids circuits, then R&D piezotransformers. In his early 30 he decided to look for a more creative visual existance. So he learnt flash 5 and started freelancing. Started Justinfront Ltd for contracting. Published a SwishMax game tutorial for ComputerArts magazine. Taught an evening watercolor painting class for 3 years after taking a course on teaching adults. Also taught some flash. Made some 3D flash. Coded some haXe in france(facebook games). Currently in London creating flash, dancing Salsa and actively involved in the haXe community (mods the forum). Other interests include 3D flash, Kayak surfing, painting and making/creating.