Jason Taylor is an independent Creative Technologist and author focusing on dynamic storytelling, intelligent interaction, information design, and creative branding. While his consultancy work is performed under the name Wonderbureau, he is also a founding member of The Royal Order of Experience Design (Chicago) and performs triple duty as the Creative Director /Partner for the clothing company OKORANGE (New York).
Jason formerly held the positions of Lead Creative Technologist for Britannica.com and Art Director for Leapnet (Advertising Firm, Chicago). He has designed and developed global Flash applications, sites, experiences, kiosks, and branding/co-branding structures with clients such as Audi, Kohler, Ogilvy, Oprah, NEC, Maytag, Michelob, and MSNBC to name a few. In late 2000, he co-authored the first book on Macromedia Generator for New Riders Publishing, Generator/Flash Web Development, with lead-author Richard Alvarez of SurpriseMedia (Chicago).